For the past 2 and a bit years, Big Mad Andy, along with Dobby Club, have been up and down the British Isles delivering  the Big Mad Quiz to the hardcore elite of Peep Show fans. 

Featuring outrageous trivia, contagious singsongs, insane prizes, big mad El-Dude related fun and countless cross-cut shredders; the quiz itself has become something of a cult phenomena in its own right .

At present - due to the whole country being stuck in the Nether Zone - we found some web space and the quiz has a new home online. Live streaming via Twitch every Saturday, Liam and Giles (Dobby Club) will help you navigate these non-rainbow-rhthym times as we delve deep into the world of the El Dude Brothers.


Join us from 8pm this Saturday, click here for more info. 

Famed for his portrayal of the emotionally unstable handyman Big Mad Andy, Liam Noble has had a lengthy acting career spanning the decades. From roles in Peep Show, EastEnders, National Treasure and White Gold, to his recent portrayal of a bewildered drunkard* in Amazon Prime's Spirit Breaker.  

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* he has got range 



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